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Skin Prep: Clean off the skin with rubbing alcohol and let it dry

Application of stencil:

1. Slowly peel off the white backing making sure that all pieces of the red vinyl remain attached to the clear application tape – If any pieces are still attached to the white backing, put the stencil back together again and press on the loose piece and remove the white backing slowly again

2. Apply the stencil with the application tape to the skin

3. Starting at one corner SLOWLY start peeling the clear application tape away from the red vinyl. Hold/lay your finger against the now exposed red vinyl

4. Advance your finger to continue to cover/hold down the area of red vinyl that is being exposed. Looking at the picture below notice that your thumb is partially covering both the red vinyl and the clear tape. The clear cover tape is being gently pulled out from under your thumb

. 5. The clear application tape is removed by gently folding it back. It is being pulled parallel to the skin . Do not pull it straight up at a 90 degree angle. Keep it laying back against the skin as it’s removed.

6. If any pieces come up and remain stuck to the clear application tape – place the tape back down, hold your finger against the area and repeat the prior step

7. Upon removal of the clear application tape, gently press the red vinyl against the skin to make sure all areas are in contact with the skin Application of adhesive:

8. If the design as any small pieces or areas that do not want to stick well, the glue should be Tapped down instead of brushed on, brushing can remove small pieces.

9. Do not apply an excess of glue, a light coating is sufficient, the glue should not be milky white in appearance but should have a translucent appearance

10. Place on the glitter – try applying glue to one section of the stencil at a time and use different colors of glitter in each area

11. Lightly press down the glitter and brush away the excess. If the design has “floating pieces” or pieces that do not pull off with the red stencil like eyes or noses – gently pick them off using tweezers or the corner of a business card.

Video : you can see a video of a Maybel’s tattoo being applied by searching for “ maybels application” on you-tube

Glitters: Do Not cut open the glitter bottles – they are already open for you. If one of the glitter bottles becomes clogged – use the included open paperclip to poke it back open.

Glue: It is Pros-Aide a cosmetic adhesive that removes with rubbing alcohol or an oil based product like baby oil. Soak the tattoo with baby oil for 10 minutes and then scrub it off. Pros-Aide adhesive is not recommended near the eyes or lips. Please do not place glitter tattoos on the face.

Concerns or Questions: You can email us through Amazon or Ebay messaging, or by emailing to or by phone (661) 675-8065. Thanks – Maybel’s Glitter Tattoo Supplies HAVE FUN !

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